Christopher McIntyre Perceptions is Journal Sentinel 2015 Artist to Watch

Photo by Shane Laufman

In Mary Louise Schumacher‘s Journal Sentinel article, The Year In Art and Architecture, she poses the question, “What is the role of artists in a time of political and social tumult?” While Schumacher doesn’t attempt to answer the question herself in the article, she identifies several artists and architects who grappled with the subject this year. Among them is Christopher McIntyre Perceptions and his work, Br(OK)en Genius, which premiered at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center as part of our 2014-15 Performing Arts Series in November. Schumacher names C.M.P. as 2015 Artist to Watch, and had this to say about Br(OK)en Genius:


Christopher McIntyre‘s willfully hopeful spirit had already captured my attention during the “Wisconsin 30” exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. I secretly worried that the world — and art world — would not live up to his expectations. But as the impresario of the “Broken Genius” spoken-word and photography event at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, he proved himself to be a resilient voice worth listening to. The night was an authentic and deeply personal exploration of the urban condition in Milwaukee. McIntyre is my artist to watch in 2015.

Congratulations to Christopher and the poets, musicians and manager of Br(OK)en Genius: Firey Phoenix, Brit Nicole, Na’ima, Nigel Wade, Bobby Drake, Monique-Elise Alamina, Montreal Cain and Jessica Harris.

Read Mary Louise Schumacher’s article here.

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