Bridging the Intergenerational Gap

Are kids becoming incapable of face-to-face interaction? Or, are adults just out of touch with how to engage the interest of kids? South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center (SMPAC) is hosting a three-day workshop between a dozen South Milwaukee High School students, a dozen South Milwaukee senior citizens, and seven young adults from ARENA Dances: The Main Street Project. This residency is designed to engage the different generations for dialogue, storytelling, and movement.  View Photos

Are our community leaders interested in making sure we strengthen our entire community across generations? Absolutely! Among the first day of participants was current South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks and former Mayor Chet Grobschmidt.  Mathew Janczewski proclaimed, “In the four years of touring, we’ve never held a workshop where the mayor and former mayor have participated.” Participant Brian Morrison commented, “Conversations in our small groups were inspiring and rich.”

“SMPAC is always looking for opportunities to provide life-long learning opportunities in our community to enrich the lives of others. Being a part of the South Milwaukee School District allows us to blend public education interests with professional performing arts providing unique experiences that people enjoy,” says Executive Director Rachel Sorce.

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