From April 2015

A Haiku in Honor of SMPAC’s 10th Anniversary & Poetry Month

A Toast to Ten Years

Ready to express
emotion for all senses
they will converge here.

Musicians, dancers,
singers and comedians
to entertain us.

Hands, feet, words, bodies
move expertly with practice
sharing their passion.

Tradition, trade, job
hobby, pastime, obsession
avocation, craft.

A showcase on stage
of twenty acts in one night
a toast to ten years.


Friday, May 1st Talent Extravaganza: A Toast to Ten Years

The 10th Anniversary Gala: An Extravaganza of Local Talent will be an event like no other in the 10 year history of our theatre. More than 20 different acts comprised of over 100 amateur and professional performers will take the stage on Friday, May 1st, led by our Master of Ceremonies, Tomas Kubinek, aka, Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible!

The event will be preceded by a social starting at 6:00 pm in the downstairs commons. There will be entertainment, arts and crafts and food, so bring the entire family! The SMHS a cappella ensembles Delta V and The Pop Rockets will perform during the social to get everyone ready for the show. Emerald City Catering is selling their famous pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw and the SM high school students will be selling baked goods. So, don’t worry about going hungry during the show. Plus, Milwaukee Art Museum presents Kohl’s Color Wheels. It’s a mobile arts and crafts activity perfect for people of all ages and artistic abilities. The SMPAC Council is hosting a mini silent auction, and you’ll have a chance to meet many of the performers, too.

The performance starts at 7:30 and will feature local talent and talent from far away places such as Siberia. Our Master of Ceremonies is an internationally-touring performer who will make you smile and laugh, and who may even throw in a few unexpected surprises! You won’t want to miss the acts we discovered through our audition process that started last October. We auditioned dozens of performers, which made the selection process challenging and also fun. For the Gala, we’ve arranged for a wide variety of acts, from opera to uni-cycling, and even a four-legged performer named “Rosie.”

Won’t you join us for some fun? Get your tickets today, while they last!