2014 Retrospective & Look Ahead

As I write this, it is New Year’s Eve Day. The sun is streaming through my home office window and steam is wisping from my cup of tea. It’s the perfect backdrop for a moment of retrospection and gratitude.

While many during this time of year are looking back at the past twelve months, I’m looking back at the past 10 years. We are, after all, celebrating our 10th Anniversary Season. With support from you, our patrons, contributors and sponsors, South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center has presented hundreds of creative, innovative and diverse artists from around the world and from our own community. These artists are people who have entertained and connected us. They’ve sparked conversations and created memories that have drawn us together. I’m thankful to be part of an organization that provides people of all ages with reasons to gather, be inspired and become transformed.

This January marks the start of a new year and the exciting second half of our 10th Anniversary Season! Here are some of the events that you can look forward to in 2015: The Snow Queen and the Door Beyond Time (Jan 16), a cappella from Six Appeal Vocal Band (Jan. 17), new works from Milwaukee Ballet II (Jan. 24), wind ensemble concert from Knightwind Ensemble (Feb. 6), percussion beats from Pedrito Martinez (Feb. 13), Cinderella (Feb. 20-22) from Spotlight Children’s Theatre, Around the Corner with John McGivern (Feb. 23) South Milwaukee Edition Premiere, Songs of the Civil War (Mar. 29) from Robert Trentham, Winter Count and Howl: Music in Poetry and Poetry in Music (Apr. 10) from Jerome Kitzke (a South Milwaukee alumnus), One Night with John McGivern (Apr. 12)our 10th Anniversary Gala: An Extravaganza of Local Talent (May 2) and Cantare Chorale (May 9). There’s still time to audition for the Gala, but you must submit an audition form by January 23.

One more item you won’t want to miss this year is our annual fundraising event. We’re trying something a little different this year – a party. Rather, a soiree! This year’s event is Soiree: A Party with a Purpose. Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 28. Details are coming soon. It’s sure to be a lot of fun and I hope to see you there.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy new year!

Rachel Sorce, Executive Director


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